Anal Beads and Butt Plugs  Online for Sale
 An often overlooked and powerful erogenous zone for those interested in exploring their sexuality and pushing some boundaries, the anus is filled with very sensitive nerve endings that respond incredibly well to stimulation. Butt-plugs are a safe way to explore this zone and are specifically designed for anal use. Butt-plugs are used by men to attain a feeling of fullness and to massage the prostate. Women frequently use butt-plugs to make intercourse more pleasurable and to make the vagina feel tighter, or younger. They are easy to use. Simply, apply a lubricant of your choice and slowly and carefully insert the plug into the anus. It's important to note that butt-plugs are not dildos. There are a surprising variety design options available, but all should be used with safety in mind.
Not a Dildo
Every butt-plug on the market has a similar form factor. They look like a small dildo attached to a wide base. The wide base or flange is there to prevent the plug from becoming irretrievable without medical assistance. Since most people would like to avoid asking a doctor to remove an object of this nature from their anus, it is strongly recommended that the base not be removed for any reason. It is also suggested that butt-plugs without a flared base, retrieval handle or cord of some sort be avoided.
Design options
There are several types of butt-plugs on the market. Most people starting out with plugs tend to use a standard, egg-shaped, wide-based device. If the user enjoys the appliance's application, they may opt for a larger size, or one of the many variations available. One of the more popular variations is the vibrating butt-plug. This type of plug is usually battery powered, but is sometimes attached to a wire that runs to an external power source or a wall outlet. Almost all vibrating butt-plugs allow the user to change the intensity of the vibration. They are highly recommended by people who use them. Other options include inflatable versions that can inflate to sizes that would be too difficult to insert through the sphincter, as well as many themed plugs such as animal tails.
When starting out with butt-plugs, it is important to start small and work your way up. Always use a water-based lubricant. This is due to the fact that the anus isn't self-lubricating as a vagina is, and oil-or silicone-based lubes are not absorbed by the body and can be difficult to expel. Be sure to use a butt-plug that is perfectly smooth. Any seams or imperfections in the surface can cut the delicate lining of the anus and make your experience unpleasant at best. Remember that butt-plugs are not meant to be moved in and out as freely as a dildo. They are meant to be left in place to create a feeling of fullness. However, it may be wiggled to further massage the prostate. Also, be sure to properly clean your butt-plug after each use. Butt-plugs are not meant to be shared and can transmit disease if adequate precautions are not taken.
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